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Powers Products Southwest, formerly Daylighting Solutions, specializes in the installation of Kalwall translucent wall and skylight systems, as well as Solatube tubular daylighting systems, in New Mexico and West Texas (Permian Basin, Panhandle, South Plains and El Paso). As a division of Powers Products Co., we have over 50 years of experience installing Kalwall and other monumental skylight systems.

Please lean on our team of experts for comprehensive support including product details, product configuration, specifications, and access to daylight modeling services and budgets.

About Kalwall

Kalwall, invented in 1955, has been the world leader in the development of “museum-quality, natural daylight”. Today, our standard Kalwall is a truly remarkable composite; and it is just beginning to evolve for the future!

Kalwall is prepared to accommodate building designers and owners who wish to incorporate some of these advanced technologies into buildings today.

Kalwall creates truly people-friendly, controlled daylight environments that enhance the comfort, practicality and elegance of any space. Kalwall is unique in its ability to provide glare-free daylight that is soft, yet bright and illuminating. When viewed from outside a structure at night and back lit by the building’s interior lighting, Kalwall creates a dramatic soft glow that often becomes an entire building’s statement of identity.

Kalwall employs a system of interconnected structural components forming rigid, modular units which replace the heavy mullions and floating panels of other curtain-walls. Normal loads are dispersed throughout the panels, rather than converging on the mullions. Clamp-tite closures at head, sill, jamb an unit-to-unit serve only a sealing function. The unique construction and extreme structural strength of the components permit the largest panel-unit wall sections to be installed quickly and efficiently.

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About Solatube

Solatube tubular daylighting devices, or TDDs for short, are affordable, high-performance lighting solutions that bring daylight into interior spaces where traditional skylights and windows simply can’t reach. Sometimes called “tubular skylights,” “light tubes,” “sun pipes,” and even “light tunnels,” TDDs have become the ideal solution for lighting interiors in a cost-effective, energy-efficient and eco-friendly way because they significantly reduce the need for electricity while keeping people connected to the outdoor environment.

Selecting the right TDD for your commercial project is a crucial decision, and Solatube Daylighting Systems are the superior choice because they are the only high-performance daylighting devices that utilize patented optical technologies to significantly improve the way daylight is captured and delivered to interiors.

As a pioneer of the daylighting industry and the global leader in tubular daylighting devices for more than 20 years, Solatube has perfected the capture and transmission of the sun’s rays indoors where it was once thought impossible.

More about Solatube's systems.

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