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Daylight Modeling Service

Kalwall offers daylight modeling at no charge to architects and clients who want to achieve ideal light levels. Powers Products Southwest will submit a request to Kalwall for a corresponding daylight model upon receipt of floor plans, roof plans showing skylights and elevations showing all glazing along with an indication of how the space will be used. For additional information regarding this service and a table of typical light levels according to spacial use, please see:

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Kalwall Insulated Tranlucent Systems

Kalwall, invented in 1955, has been the world leader in the development of "museum-quality, natural daylight". Today, our standard Kalwall is a truly remarkable composite; and it is just beginning to evolve for the future!

Kalwall is prepared to accommodate building designers and owners who wish to incorporate some of these advanced technologies into buildings today.

Chaparral High School

Kalwall creates truly people-friendly, controlled daylight environments that enhance the comfort, practicality and elegance of any space. Kalwall is unique in it's ability to provide glare-free daylight that is soft, yet bright and illuminating. When viewed from outside a structure at night and back lit by the building's interior lighting, Kalwall creates a dramatic soft glow that often becomes an entire building's statement of identity.

Kalwall employs a system of interconnected structural components, forming rigid, modular units which replace the heavy mullions and floating panels of other curtain-walls. Normal loads are dispersed throughout the panels, rather than converging on the mullions. Clamp-tite closures at the head, sill, jambs and unit-to-unit serve only a sealing function. The unique construction and extreme structural strength of the components permit the largest panel-unit wall sections to be installed quickly and efficiently.

Kalwall is highly adaptable, and can be used in many situations including:

1. Wall Panel Systems Enclose any space quickly and economically. Combine natural daylight with the best thermal and solar properties.

  • Flat or curved sandwich panels.
  • Structural sandwich panels up to 5 x 20 feet (1524 x 6100 mm).
  • Aluminum and thermally broken panel cores and frames.

Library for Durham 6th Form College

2. Curtainwall Systems Large factory preassembled units assure rapid multi-story installation.

  • Factory-assembled sandwich panels, operating/fixed windows, louvers, even opaque panels.
  • Permanent weather seal due to factory preassembly. Prefabricated Curtainwall Systems totally prefinished.

Riteway Cash and Carry Market

3. Window replacements, wall panels, panel unit walls, windows, and even whole walls pay for themselves in energy savings.

  • Heavy-duty systems factory-assembled into easily installed building units.
  • Optimum performance-controlled daylighting, while meeting vision/ventilation requirements.

Library for Durham 6th Form College

4. Standard Skylight Systems Factory preassembled, then knocked down for ease of shipment.

  • Skylights up to 5 x 20 feet (1524 x 6100 mm).
  • Pyramids from 4 to 20 feet (1220 x 6100 mm) square with various slopes.
  • Geo-Roof® segmented dome units from 8 to 28 (2440 x 8700 mm).

Library for Durham 6th Form College

Library for Durham 6th Form College

5. Pre-Engineered Skylights Fully self-supporting, larger skylights are standardized for fast delivery and significantly reduced costs.

  • Ridge units to 20 feet (6100 mm) clearspan.
  • Kalcurve Skylights to 24 feet (7200 mm) clearspan


Willows of Westboro, Westboro, Massachusetts

6. Custom skylight systems Total design flexibility is made possible by the unique structural integrity and superior strength-to-weight ratio of our sandwich panel technology.

  • Flat or curved.
  • Easy, fast installation.
  • Large-sized panels eliminate troublesome joints.

Willows of Westboro, Westboro, Massachusetts

7. Walkways, Solariums, and Small Structures Combinations of sandwich panels, glass, framing components and accessories.

  • Controlled heat gain.
  • Glare-free daylight.
  • Highly insulated.


8. Large Systems and Entire Structures For any expansive skylighting or sloped glazing application on any type of building or as an entire structure.

  • World's most experienced supplier.
  • Custom systems.
  • Pre-engineered
  • Aluminum structural system.
  • Clearspans to 100 feet (over 30 m).
  • Single-source responsibility.

Willows of Westboro, Westboro, Massachusetts

Outstanding load capacity and structural integrity. Kalwall panels require almost no maintenance and are low cost to buy, to erect and to own.

A unique composite sandwich panel, either curved or flat, is formed by permanently bonding specially formulated fiberglass reinforced translucent faces to a grid core constructed of interlocked, extruded structural aluminum or composite I-beams. The panel's natural thermal properties are further enhanced by adding increased densities of translucent spun glass “batts” and an optional thermally broken grid core.

"U" factor options range from .53 (3.0 W/m2) to .10 (.57W/m2) by NFRC methods for 2 3/4" (70mm) panels. The total effect is a fenestration system that is beautiful, contemporary, colorful and tough.




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